Request for Sending An Expert


خدمات پس از فروش

Request for Sending An Expert

Nahrab Gostar Eshtehard Company will send an expert to the project site in order to satisfy the customers and to solve possible problems during installation.

You can send your written request to the following numbers for further coordination:


Fax number: 22569144-021


WhatsApp number: 09194957243


Email address:


Direct phone number: 27640-021 extension 221


Mobile : 09100910034

Fax: 22569144-021

Phone: 27640 ext. 221

The Nahrab Gostar is a group of manufacturer of Valves Fittings Composite

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Tangestan IV,  Ghazali Gharbi Boulevard,  Abu Reihan Boulevard, E shtehard Industrial Town,    Eshtehard, Alborz,IRAN

Phone : 2-37773930-026
fax : 37773932-026

central office

Unit 408, third and fourth floor, White Tower, Pasdaran St., Tehran, IRAN

phone: 27640-021

fax: 22569144-021