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Nahrab Gostar Company History

نهرآب گستر اشتهارد

History of Nahrabab Gostar Eshtehard

Since 1989

The activity of Nahrabab Gostar Eshtehard Company started in 1989 in the field of supplying valves, pipes and fittings for steel and cast iron. The remarkable success of this company in the early years, led the company's management to in 1378, according to the approval of the Ministry of Industry and receiving principled approval from the Ministry of Heavy Industries, within a 120 km radius of Tehran in Eshtehard industrial town, a factory to produce valves And establish cast iron and steel joints under pressure. From now on, the company was on a new path of development and progress, and in this regard, due to the diversity, volume and scope of products in the water industry and in order to develop faster and achieve the goal of developing a product portfolio and providing more complete and better services Nahrab Gostar Eshtehard cooperated continuously with several reputable domestic and foreign companies.

At present, Nahrabab Gostar Eshtehard factory with 11 active production sites, on a total land area of ​​200,000 square meters and infrastructure with a total area of ​​40,000 square meters, using the latest welding facilities, automatic casting and cutting and rolling machines. And roll, forging, pressing and electrostatic powder epoxy powder paint line with the most advanced technologies available in the world and with about 680 experienced personnel, produces all kinds of fittings and cast iron and steel valves and by receiving international certifications, International, ISO 10002: 2014, ISO 14001: 2015 SO9001: 2015 ISO 3834: 2005, and OHSAS 18001: 2007 from CCQM Switzerland and also the national standard mark from the National Standard Organization of Iran, competes with the products of world-renowned manufacturers in terms of quality It has been successful in exporting products to Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, which is increasing annually. Increasing exports and the need for fast services to foreign customers, Nahrab Gostar Eshtehard Company decided to be physically present in the foreign market and therefore established a satellite company (ABS Valves) with a production plan. And assembled in the United Arab Emirates and in this regard has succeeded in receiving approval for its products for sale in various countries.

At present, Nahrabab Gostar Eshtehard Industrial Group, with more than 30 years of experience in the water industry, is fully prepared to meet the needs of customers and is always at the service of customers with the idea of ​​globalization and belief in the worthy Iranian slogan.

The Nahrab Gostar is a group of manufacturer of Valves Fittings Composite

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