Excess Flow Shut- off Valve


شیر قطع کن اضطراری

Excess Flow Shut- off Valve

DN:50-1000 mm | PN: 10-40 bar

Nahrab piloted automatic control valves are used as control and regulating valves in the line. The operation of these valves is fully automatic and is controlled by the flow of fluid and does not require the application of energy from outside. In order to regulate the flow or pressure , a hydraulic circuit with a pressure difference across the valve and a regulating valve (pilot) is used, The command circuits of Nahrab control valves are state to the art and made of the best stainless steel and all of its various pilots are also produced by Nahrab Gostar Eshtehard Company. Using the stainless steel unions with a nipple and connector assembly makes it possible to inspect or open and close the valve at any moment and any section without the need for any sealing strip

DN: 50 - 50
PN: 10 - 10