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 ♦Steel and cast iron fittings

Nahrab Gostar Company by providing the most complete steel and cast iron fittings, including Dismantling Joint, Multi-purpose fittings, Flange Adaptors, all kinds of couplings, filters, welding and flanged fittings, etc.,is one of the largest manufacturers of fittings in the Middle East.

 ♦Steel and cast iron valves

Nahrabab Gostar Eshtehard, with its most modern lathe and welding machines, as well as separate casting and rubber factories, is one of the major producers of the dairy industry in the Middle East. This company has a collection of soft sealing and metal sealing gate valves flanged and wafer butterfly valves, various types of globe valves, needle valves, control valves, Howell Bunger valves, etc. in its product list.

♦All kinds of steel flanges

Steel flanges are one of the most widely used products of Nahrabab Gostar Eshtehard. The company offers a variety of plain, welding neck slip on, lap joint ,blind, etc. steel flanges in wide dimensions (up to 3000 mm size and 63 bar pressure) allows its customers to order their welded fittings along with the flange.

The Nahrab Gostar is a group of manufacturer of Valves Fittings Composite

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About us

Since 1989

The activity of Nahrab Gostar Eshtehard Company started in 1990 in the field of supplying steel and cast iron valves, and fittings . The remarkable success of this company in the early years, led the senior management of company to  establish a factory ,  based on approval of the Ministry of Industry, in Eshtehard industry town ,located on 120KM of Tehran to produce various types of  steel and  cast iron valves and fittings under pressure, since then, the company was on a new path of development and progress, and in this regard, due to variety, volume and scope of products in the water industry and in order to accelerate development and with the aim of improving  products and rendering and  more comprehensive services ,Nahrab Gostar Eshtehard started  cooperating continuously with several reputable domestic and foreign companies.

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Tangestan IV,  Ghazali Gharbi Boulevard,  Abu Reihan Boulevard, E shtehard Industrial Town,    Eshtehard, Alborz,IRAN

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Unit 408, third and fourth floor, White Tower, Pasdaran St., Tehran, IRAN

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