Tilting Check Valve with counter weight.


شیر یکطرفه وزنه ای

Tilting Check Valve with counter weight.

DN:150-2000 mm | PN: 10-40 bar

Tilting check valves are used in all water supply facilities, including drinking and raw water, as well as non-corrosive fluids up to 70 ° C. If the back pressure exceeds the go pressure, the flow is completely shut off by disc closing adjusting the opening and closing rates is done without the need to stop the flow in the pipelines and easily by moving the existing weights on the lever, and also the position of the lever always indicates the position and percentage of opening of the valve. Therefore, in places such as pumping stations, the use of this kind of check valve makes it easy to determine the rate of flow passing through each pump and branch. These valves close faster than swing valves.

DN: 150 - 150
PN: 10 - 10