Vacuum Breaker Valve


شیر هوای خلاء شکن

Vacuum Breaker Valve

DN:100-1000 mm | PN: 10-63 bar

Air must be injected into the system in large quantities for any reason, such as pipe breaking and accidental discharge, to prevent lines from being damaged and crumpled during uncontrolled fluid outflow. Nahrab Gostar vacuum breaker valve is installed after the Excess Flow Shut – Off Valves and injects the required air into the pipeline to eliminate the vacuum. The operation of this valve is such that under normal conditions, when there is a positive pressure in the pipeline, the valve is completely closed and when the line pressure reaches negative -0.1 bar, the valve starts to open and at a pressure of -0.2 bar , the valve is fully open and air enters the pipeline with the maximum required flow. A spring-loaded piston cylinder system is used to adjust the closing speed to prevent shock when the disc closes and also to increase the reliability to prevent the vacuum breaker valve from quick closing.

DN: 100 - 100
PN: 10 - 10